Qualifications – Martin Paradis, CPA, CMA

Professional accounting designation:

Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant
Concordia University – Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Accountancy)
Vanier College – Commerce Diploma

Managerial and accounting experience:

– 20+ years self-employed (Financial & software system implementations, consultant and tax preparation)
– 2 years experience as a Finance (HR/IT) Manager
– 1.5 years with SCO Health Service as an senior accountant
– 5 years as a Controller and Profit Manager of hotels & non-profit organizations
– 1.5 years experience with financial analysis and reviews of non-profit organizations for the government

Experience with organizational audits and government reports:

Extensive experience creating reports for the government review committee – Grants and Contributions program. Responsible for audit preparation as a controller for Charlton Resorts, as an accountant at the Westin Hotel and as the accountant for the Residence Saint-Louis senior home.

Knowledge & implementation of computerized financial systems:

ACCPAC (experienced). Simply Accounting (experienced)/QuickBooks (intermediate). ACCESS (beginner level). ADACO. Strong spreadsheet skills (Excel, Lotus & QuatroPro). Strong skills and experience with many other financial software system conversions and start-ups.

Interpersonal skills:

In any position and as part of any team, these skills are of the utmost importance. I have always strived to apply them to the best of my abilities, whether it was by contributing to the company activities with Compaq, the Westin Hotel or co-workers at the Service de Santé SCO. I also went out of my way to establish social activities at Charlton Resorts in order to create a better team and work environment.


I was responsible for coordinating the ADACO system implementation, which involved approximately 60 employees. Responsible for two accounting clerks during my time as controller with Charlton Resorts. Supervised 5 IT staff and 2 accountants as Finance Manager of Coaching Association of Canada.

Develop policies and procedures:

I was extensively involved in the development of internal operational and financial policies with Charlton Resorts. I was Project Leader and wholly responsible for the development of procedures and policies for the ADACO purchasing and inventory system. As a start-up, I had to develop all the accounting & finance functions and policies at SSF. I also completely reorganized, upgraded and modernized the finance, accounting, HR & IT areas of CAC.

Ability to be flexible, prioritize, organizational and problem-solving skills:

I developed these abilities while working in very busy work environments, whether it was with the public as a front desk agent or the demanding workload and deadlines at the Westin Hotel, SCO, SSF and CAC.

Team environment:

I acquired valuable experience working in a team environment while I was on the Compaq relocation team. This was a major and interesting project. I was also part of the SAP and FAS implementation teams. I was also part of several audit teams while at CIDA and Canadian Heritage.

Bilingualism and communication skills:
I have very good oral and written skills in both official languages and strongly believe that I have a good judgment that is based on common sense.

Computer Software:

Windows 10, 7, XP, Internet, MS Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher), Corel (WordPerfect 10, Quattro Pro), Lotus (1-2-3, Notes, WordPro), ACCPAC Adv. Series–Corporate 5.2A, Sage 50 (Simply Accounting), QuickBooks, Symmetry tm 1997, Profil professional tax software, ADACO v 8.2, SAP 4.0B, FAS Asset, GEAC 6.2, Adagio FX Pro, CDFS 4.2