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Income Tax Service, Accounting and System Services by a Chartered Professional Accountant

My unique professional bilingual income tax return preparation & accounting service is personalized, trustworthy & dedicated!

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Please read Service Fees pageMy services are tailored for clients who are looking for long-term services to save (preparation) time, avoid CRA audit issues, and save on their taxes payable or maximize their refund (it is not a low cost data entry service). 

Note that your cooperation and organization are essential to the success of the preparation process and that there will be ZERO TOLERANCE for inappropriate behavior.

Martin Paradis, CPA specializes in servicing those with employment expenses, self-employed, professionals, rental property, sole proprietors and small and medium size incorporated businesses for all Canadian provinces. My unique and proactive service is focused on delivering my clients the informational knowledge, value added assistance and unique tools that will help them to simplify their administrative tasks, and most importantly save them time and income taxes to succeed!

Serving the Greater Ottawa / Gatineau Area, my income tax preparation and accounting practice provides bilingual tax, accounting, system and advisory services to individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses.

  • Would you appreciate a trusted, dedicated, professional and accessible income tax service?
  • Do you need tools to help you prepare for your income tax return preparation?
  • Would you like to be served in the language of your choice?
  • Don’t risk missing out on potential income tax credits and deductions you may be entitled to?
  • Are you using those impersonal data processing franchises just to try to save a few dollars in fees?
  • Why pay the higher fees of larger accounting firms with excessive overhead?
  • Are you tired of being treated like a number (no pun intended)?
  • Do you need financial, managerial or system development assistance or income tax advice?
  • Do you need help with your recordkeeping, finance or accounting systems?
  • Or starting your own business? Take an appointment as we are here to help!

I am here to help you! You can count on professional assistance to help you get organized!

Service Commitment

I am committed to offering all my clients the most personalized, reliable, bilingual, dedicated and trustworthy professional income tax and accounting service possible. My goal, as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), is to help individuals with their income tax return preparation, and small and medium size organizations, NPOs, healthcare departments to start-up, streamline, strengthen and reorganize their financial and accounting operations, in the most tangible, efficient and progressive manner.

I respect and care about my clients, the quality of my services and reputation. My aim is for each client to be fully satisfied and ascertain myself that they meet their objectives so they can return year after year!

Striving to attain to be a better service, be better people, and make it a better place to live.

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