Tax Tips

  • Have you maximized your RRSP / TFSA contributions and taken them at the beginning or during the year?
  • Have you combined your donations and had the higher spouse claim them to maximize your credit (for couples) to reduce your income taxes payable?
  • Has the lower income earner claimed your medical expenses (for couples)?
  • Are you taking advantages of the new income splitting opportunity (for seniors)?
  • Do you purchase bus passes?
  • Do you know that many individuals do not file their tax returns without realizing that they are entitled to a refund?
  • You will also find several important reminders listed on my New Client Registration & Information Form, to allow you to take advantage of other tax credits and deductions you may be entitled to.

Newer credits and deductions!!!

– Have you taken advantage of the new Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)?

– Have you applied for the Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant (OSHPTG)?

Useful Tax Links

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