Accountants, outside Quebec, having difficulty obtaining a Netfile authorization for 2015.

Things are difficult enough at Revenue Quebec without this.  They seem to have now found a way to further complicate things. Except, that this time it is for tax accountants operating outside of Quebec.

Le Ministère du Revenu du Québec (MRQ) has decided to revamp their Tax Representative Authorization registration procedures for Netfile in 2015 to simplifying things (I know it’s hard to believe). In order to do so you must have a NEQ number, or be registered for payroll deductions, corporate taxes or the TVQ in Quebec. Unfortunately, it seems that no one thought of the fact that in order to get any of those registrations you have to have a physical establishment or do business in Quebec.  In any other case, MRQ refuses to give accountants a Netfile authorization number for 2015. Fortunately, I have been able to get around this restriction to obtain an authorization number to be able to continue to Netfile the returns of Quebec clients, not without great challenges and efforts on my part however.

Any of you also going through this experience?  Any suggestions other than to have to paper file all Quebec clients from now on for those without an Netfile authorization number?

Thank you / Merci.

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